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Yarra Valley Flight Training operates the Coldstream Flying School. Enjoy professional flight training in a friendly club atmosphere at YVFT. We operate both GA and RA training schools, so any flight training from trial lesson through recreational up to commercial can be done at Coldstream. Learn to fly with our experienced instructors in the beautiful Yarra Valley.

Our Courses

Our school is approved to train pilots from their Recreational Licence or Certificate, through Private Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence and Instructor Ratings. We can train existing pilots in the use of complex aircraft (Manual Propeller Control, Retractable Undercarriage or Tailwheel). We run courses in aerobatics and formation flying, we can convert pilots from one type to another, and conduct flight reviews.

Our Staff

Bob Boyd
Chief Flying Instructor & Managing Director

Bob comes from a technical career in telecommunications and is very passionate about the aviation industry.

Bob is a Chief Flying Instructor as well as an experienced senior GA & RA instructor, with over 30 years experience and 5500+ hours of flight time under his belt.

His commitment to aviation has not just stopped with his flight training and has progressed onto training people with the interest in learning to fly. He also participates in charity events such as Angel Flights.

About Us

Professional flight training school in Coldstream, Victoria. We have helped many people achieve their dreams of flight.

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  • flying@yvft.com.au
  • (03) 9739 1406

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96 Killara Road
Coldstream, 3770

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